Published in National Geographic Aventura

March 11, 2016 Huayna Picchu, Peru Canon 750D, Sigma 18-50mm f2.8

I love to travel. And I’m sure you do too.

From the moment I started taking pictures abroad, I’ve been inspired by National Geographic.

I even have a huge Natgeo world map on which I do that thing where I put a red cross in all the places I’ve been to. A thing you immediately regret BTW, because it makes you realize how few places you’ve been to, and that you’ll die before seeing it all.
Hum… that was supposed to be a happy blog post, but it’s becoùming quite depressing, so here’s the big news:

I was published in National Geographic Aventura!

Published in National Geographic Aventura by Guillaume Flandre

You guessed it, it’s the Spanish version of National Geographic Adventure. And while I’ve already seen my pictures on their website (here, here or over there), it’s a very special feeling to see find one printed in an actual, physical issue.

I’m glad it’s that picture of my brother at the top of the Huayna Picchu, a quite hard hike on the Macchu Picchu site, that was chosen, for several reasons.

First, it’s pretty fun to have my brother’s back printed in Natgeo. The second reason is that this picture was taken a day before my birthday (okay, I only noticed that now, but that makes for a cool storytelling.) The third one, is that this photo was taken with my first reflex camera, a Canon 750D and a 18-50mm lens, a basic combo that I used for years when everyone was getting 5Ds. Last but not least, it’s so special because that trip to Peru was what made me want to be more serious about photography and finally try to publish and share my photos more widely. And sure enough it worked! Three years later, I can proudly leave that copy of natgeo on my coffee table, like it’s no big deal!


If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of Peru, head over to my portfolio!

Published in National Geographic Aventura by Guillaume Flandre
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